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The Zanesville Signal The Long Arm of the Brazilian Weatherman A DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER ORVILLE LITTICK President and General Manager 1941 1953 CLAY LTTnCK Publisher WILLIAM LITTICK Business Manager CLAIR STEBBINS Managing Editor ALAN GONDER News Editor Established 1864 Entered al second class matter under act of March 3 1879 at Post Office Zanesville 0 Subscription rates: By carrier 30c a week by mail payable in advance (In Ohio) 7 weeks $100 24 weeks $300 1 year $600 Outside 4 weeks $125 6 months $750 one year $1500 Special Service rate: 6 months $400 one year $750 (transferred anywhere anytime) A Jolt for It was reported to have been a severe jolt for Great Britain when Molotov dug up the same old impossible monkey wrench and threw it in the face of the other Big our conferees at Berlin yesterday The British you remember have been the loudest proponents of these conferences which always seem to end up the same way in a stalemate The Associated Press this morning report ed: Molotov which exploded at the round conference table in the Soviet the British Hall of Mirrors rocked British ne gotiators especially Most Americans hadbeen expecting the worst from the outset" You have to be a born pessimist to expect the worst from the Russians A quick look at the record should prepare you for that Molotov threw the conference into a crisis by reviving a two year old Soviet draft of a treaty which would condemn Germany to exist alone without any defense except anti aircraft guns Youngster at Band Concert Puts On a Show of His Own The first indoor concert of the Zanesville Memorial Band in the City Auditorium was a marked success from every standpoint except attendance Probably the inclement weather that evening had something to do with the failure of our citizens to evidence their appreciation by their presence The music was of high grade Henry Stemm proved to be an able band director and the others both band members and those who had special parts to play themselves proud There was one incident which saw a small boy not more than five and certainly not more than six years of was in the center sec tion of seats about four rows from the front He carried in his right hand a small baton As the band played its Initial numbers this boy halt ingly waved the baton keeping none too good time However as the concert proceeded he stood up caught the timing and beat of the music shook the These Changing Times drops navy visit to Spain because of anti British headline You have to be terribly old to remember when there was no surer way of bringing British warships than to stage an anti British riot that some of the music leaders will ascertain his name and help him with the training which could easily lead to a grand career as a band or orches tra leader We may have a budding genius In our midst Billboards and Turnpikes Property owners still are sniping through the courts at the Turnpike authority to ban billboards from land adjoining the right of way Consequently no assurance yet that the jak Ar I I 111 fit Merry Go Round By Drew Pearson baton vigorously as strong notes were held came down with a marked vigor at thrilling points in the rendition Naturally this small boy could not match the skill of Henry Stemm but for a young beginner he caught on quickly and did well It is to the credit of those around this young fel low that no one tried to stop him Or discourage him This budding youth has the will the enthusiasm sense of timing is evidently a lover of music and he is unabashed but not forward It is to be hoped On Broadway Three Hollywood news stories (concerning a marriage divorce and reconciliation) were front paged by the Jan 20th gazettes Remember when the stuffier edi tors glared at colyumists for pub lishing such news? (Hooo Hummm mm) of My is suitable for beer barrel harmoniz ing But it sounds silly when thrushed by a doll Gad! The latest Charles Lindbergh photo in the papers rejninds you that ShoimUn Billings lookalike (Billingsley the Lone Stork) Jane offer the most accurate capsule of her career in an interview: roles are getting bigger and the costumes are getting The zany title collection can include the Collier's piece1 called "yhjes Are Crazier Than and essay tagged: Women Know About Sex" The recorded hillbilly lilt and Juliet" must have Shakespeare pinwheeling in his tomb My Line?" (latest stanza) had 3 mystery guests soon be known a Why there are scads of Off Broadway shows: The average production cost is less than $10000 Lana confession am lonely unless I have someone to love" (Come To Me My Melancholy Baybeeee!) New York Timesman Atkinson generally consider ed the most powerful critic rebuffed both Men! Oh Women!" and "The Solid Gold Cadillac" They are solid gold nevertheless The comics are spoofing Liberace are becoming more numerous and unfunny In the contracts of Geraldine Page and Louis Jourdan with Billy Rose it says top billing (in will be determined by a flip 'of a coin or the turn of a card A card was turned and Jourdan won top billing (On the marquee only) Teevy shows must be desperate for Hollywood names One visiting film twinkier guested on 17 co axial programs in a fortnight Jokes are repetitious as traffic lights The high price of java has revived the wartime coffee scarcity gags Teevy hits the loudest bells on the cash register Maurice version of cost a mere $175000 This is Broadway The play opened downtown at a place called Open Roy Jordan is happy Two of his tunes are being called "sleepers" One is 'Do Do Do Do Do Do Do It The other: Tree Pine Over Time mag quotes a 20th Century ox merry comment on the Joe Marilyn merger: lose an we gained an outfielder" Vereee funeee Poetic justice note: Cedric Hardwicke the eminent thespian reviews critic George Jean book in Theater Arts mag How sophisticated can you get? Kay Thompson tosses off several quips in rench during her entertaining routine Anna Magnami displays her versatility in Golden movie She sings and dances plus her customary heavy breathing type of amour gasp inducer in a mag: "Almost everybody in Holly wood and on Broadway has either been psychoanal yzed is now going or is contemplating the (Happy couch!) Digest credits a comic with: the Russians had as much to cat as they have to swallow be well It was born here several years ago (Yawn) Author James typewriter prints money Three of his best selling tomes are currently being filmed the Internal Revenue will be happy to learn Joan tv jack and jillodrama is among the most seelightful Slick scripting grand gamuting This is the type of Hollywood news that seldom gets into the papers so make it pub lic here: The Robert Youngs will celebrate their happy 21st wedding anniversary on March 6th Mackinlay Kantor bylines some amusing alphabet scrambling in Esquire The title is a wink: How to Tell Dirty The same phOtOs of stripleasers in action are like something out of a daydream Ingrid Bergman is quoted: "The disadvantage of being directed by your husband is that the work just never ends even at home There is however a cer tain intimacy of collaboration" (Yes indeed!) commission will be able to prevent these unsightly and dangerous posters from cluttering up the country side All this needless indecision could have been avoided if the Legislature had simply amended the turnpike law so there would have been no question of the com rights With more turnpikes now almost a certainty the next Legislature must close the door the last one left open By Walter Winchell No wonder Judy Should Happen to clutches the funnybone It was scripted by Gar son Kanin the expert quipsy doodler He also penned "Born which hoisted her to the Broad way Hollywood royalty Actors love to act: Some thespians in Off Broadway dramas earn the magnifi cent sum of $10 $35 weekly Moral Greasepaint has no vitamins People Today the mag crowns Julie Harris as irst Lady" Huh? Julie is a fine per former of course but Cornell Hayes Barry more ontanne and Shirley Booth are still alive Despite that groaning the film industry still has the ort Knox touch: The attendance at Pop corn Palaces totals 40 million weekly (So stop worry ing folks) The ditty Man Crazy" cer tainly is Teevy is riddled with 20 bang bang who dunits Most are blah blah album for Young Lovers" gives you Spring fever in Winter onda Hodiak and Nolan are wonderful In Caine Mutiny Court Martial" But so is the great supporting cast The writing is pure gold and the performances are nuggets Historical Sketches By Norris Schneider Baseball and street railway authorities cooperated in choosing the site for a ball park 50 years ago he Courier announced the location as follows on March 18 1904: "The location of the new baseball park was deter mined late riday afternoon by General Manager A Gibbs of the Zanesville Railway Light and Power company and Manager Anderson of the base ball team park will be the three acre tract of land on the interurban railway just north of Gant park and between Timber Run and the Licking river The land was recently purchased by Charles Jones and Southard and will now be transferred to the street railway company The lot will be fenced at once and improvements aggregating an expenditure of $3000 will be made within the next few weeks site is one of the most desirable locations that could have been secured The interurban track will be doubled from the city to the park and will be used by both electric lines new grand stand will be 150 feet long and twenty six feet deep Ten tiers of seats will be ar ranged in such a manner that 1500 spectators can be seated unny Business By Hershberger HR ill mW T'' II 2 I "'W put it there so the wife can practice sales re sistance against WASHINGTON The Women for the Bricker Amend have been swarming over f'avUUl TTH1 Wt J1II1 UUlIlUUIb UUllOlHIOling congressmen beleaguring senators fgana planting news bulletins in au tomobiles One of them accosted Muiiuivi (uvAaiiUvl ti llvj' VI irtil 1 1 lai 1 of the foreign relations committee who though she did not seem to know it has been learlincr the fierht against the Bricker amendment i i sorry interrupted the kindly senatorafter the had extolled the virtues of Brickerism I can't change my mind on this sub ject made my position clear and going to stick to it" just wish you were my husband for a few days" scolded the lady shaking her finger "I'd soon change your replied the senator diplomat that sit uation should ever develop show you that a real caveman at Vanishing Treasury department chiefs are hopping mad at the man piloting the Eisenhower program through the House of amiable hard working Speaker Joe Martin Joe came out with a compromise plan for dropping excise taxes which will lose the treasury a cool one billion dollars and both Secre tary of the Treasury Humphrey and Assistant Secre tary Randolph Burgess are most unhappy urthermore they have communicated their views vigorously to the president who is having a session with Speaker Martin The issue involved is much more important than any clash between important personalities It illus trates how closely the present government deficit has been figured and how carefully the Treasury will have to tax in order not to go deeper in the red What happened was that Uncle Dan Reed 78 year old ruler of the House ways and means committee proposes ending excise taxes Excise taxes which now bring in three and a half billion a year are due to expire in April and Reed would not renew them However the Treasury feels that this money is des perately needed in order not to throw the budget fur ther out of balance So Secretary Humphrey proposes continuing these taxes after April Hoping to keep peace between the Treasury and the man who dictates over the tax writing committee on Capitol Hill and who incidentally is not easiest man to get along with Speaker Martin proposed a compromise He suggested splitting the difference and dropping a billion dollars worth of excise taxes Even this drop of one billion however gave Hum phrey and Burgess a jolt With income taxes re duced they are scratching around for every penny and every billion they can lay hands on why taking the issue to the White House Lady in an Elevator Secretary of Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby the only lady cabinet officer dropped over to the senate the other day and stepped into the private elevator mark ed for but used also by cabinet members congressmen and other dignitaries The elevator operator refused to budge he said elevator is for senators Mrs icily announced the secretary of health welfare and education The elevator jockey studiously examined the list of senators tacked on the elevator wall no Mrs Hobby on he shrugged a member of the snapped Mrs Hob by impatiently The operator reflected for a moment then whisked the lady cabinet officer up to her destination How to Heal Wounds Harold Russell the armless war vet who played the part of sailor "Homer in the movie Best Years of Our was telling President Eisen hower the other day about some of his problems as rehabilitation director of the World Veterans edera tion embrace all nations not dominated by Mos cow and you can well imagine the diplomacy that must be employed at our conventions when you consider that we have war vet delegates from such unfriendly nations as Israel and Egypt West Germany and rance and Italy and Yugoslavia" said Russell commented Ike suppose the competing groups sit on opposite no on the contrary we try to seat them to gether but first we try to arrange luncheons where delegations from antagonistic nations can air their views on a subject of mutual interest" Russell ex plained "At one of our meetings we arranged a luncheon between Egyptian and Israeli delegates at which the mutual problem of rehabilitation was dis cussed proved highly successful because both delega tions naturally were interested in improving the eco nomic stability of their homelands In a situation like that it always helps to get opposing factions talking about a noncontroversial subject of mutual The president remarked that he had once used somewhat the same technique at a meeting while he was president of Columbia university was a great deal of tension and controversy at this meeting until I introduced a completely neu tral subject 1 got the conferees talking vabout babies This was something everyone was interested in and liked to talk about With the conferees thus relaxed and in a friendlier mood we moved on to the impor tant agenda of the meeting" The Worry Clinic By Dr George Crane Matilda's case shows the value of your ideas in the proper kind of words The POSI TIVE attitude is far superior to the negative not just in business alone but even in medicine And it has proved itself for 1900 years in religion Case 314: Matilda aged 52 is a heavy set woman who recent ly entered a shoe shop to purchase a new pair of slippers the Manager later informed me of my clerks waited on Matilda But after he had showed her almost 50 pairs of shoes he still fit her properly "It was hot and he was not ah experienced man so finally he blurted out I can't fit you one of your biggcr'n the "Well Dr Crane this infuriated Matilda She al most exploded with hot words and denounced the clerk in no uncertain fashion "As she left the shop with this higher priced pair she paused to add a few criticisms to me but I mollified her asked her if I might not wait upon her myself saying I was sure I could find just what she wanted "Then I brought out a pair of shoes that were a litlte more costly than those my clerk had displayed "And I completely won her by smiling and say ing 'Why madame the only difficulty here is the fact that one of your feet is smaller than the she left the shop with this higher priced plir of shoes under her arm she looked disdainfully at my clerk "And when she had departed he came over and shook his head perplexed' "Then he said I get it or I told her the very same thing that you he was wrong for he had told her one of her feet was bigger than the other whereas I used the positive attitude you recommend in your column and told her one of her feet was smaller" 'si Moses vs Jesus Moses lived over 1200 years And he was a remarkable leader but he was much like Confucius" in that he stated things negatively Thus the famous Commandments contain many shalt Jesus on the contrary almost entirely ignored this negative statement of moral laws and told us instead to do POSITIVE things like feeding the hungry and healing the sick typified Christ whereas shalt not" was the keynote of both Moses and Confucius Please observe what a phenomenal difference this has meant or followers spread the pre cepts of Jesus over a wider area of the world in just 100 years than followers had done in 1200 years In fact within 300 years they had even converted the famous Roman emperor' Constantine the Great In modern times moreover this POSITIVE moral emphasis has proved its superiority even in the very home countries of Buddhism and Confucianism as well as Hinduism reedom vs etters Those negative faiths shackled mankind They also permitted the offering of babies as human sacrifices into the Ganges River amost till the be ginning of this century They fettered millions of mankind in eternal bond age in the caste system of India But the POSITIVE moral precepts of Christianity have freed the minds of men as well as their hands and feet or it builds up via hospitals and medical mis sionaries instead of tearing down It educates instead of starving minds via It is basic to our great Republic witli its Constitution which was predicated on that positive Golden Rule (Alwayt write to Dr Crane In care of this newspaper enclosing a long 3c stamped addressed envelope and a dime to cover typing and printing costs when you tend for one of his psychological charts) The Signals Listening Post GROUNDHOG DAY and according to legend the marmot will determine weather conditions for the immediate future The shadow business never is too reliable but then again neither are the forecasts of the experts As a matter of fact the experts have had a rough time this winter nailing down the antics of the elements BUSINESS EXPERTS figure that babies may have a hand in the cure of any major recession They reason that since people will go on having ba bies the population of the United States will continue to grow at its present howling pace Meeting the needs of all these new citizens will launch business and industry on another boom But of all the statistics which the slide rule boys like to project into the future as a basis' for their prophesies the birth rate can be the most fickle It fluctuates among nations and changes from one gen eration to another And it reacts sensitively to good times and bad In the both the marriage and birth rates went down as they usually do in bad times But the war and the postwar boom sent the mar riage and birth rates up again Business has a big stake in any change in the popu gait Population growth rates will determine how many cars are made how much clothing and food will be needed how many more schools will be built and how many more highways will be needed The baby it seems definitely holds the key to the future A COUPLE hotels in Philadelphia have set up a new plan to give a nickel to their restaurant patrons who drink coffee Guests are advised of the in this bit of verse attached to the menu: With the price of coffee over a 'dollar It looks "like everyone should holler So for staying away from this high priced brew passing the savings along to you Inside Labor By Victor Riesel Towards the end of the1 tumultu ous 1952 presidential campaign General Eisenhower was angered by Walter distribution of a picture leaflet which predicted that victory would bring with it the breadlines of the early Thir ties The leaflet was loaded with photos of the unhappy unshaven ragged jobless waiting four abreast for a soup handout The image of this leaflet must still rankle the President for once again he is furious over CIO charges that we are actually in a depression And word has gone out ofc the White House to take on Walter Reuther and the CIQ in a frontal attack and paste them with the and label At the same time the Administration aided by business leaders will hit the country with positive statements and action in an effort to show that the country is in good shape and will begin re absorbing its jobless by next fall This Operation Optimism is the first order of home front business for the next month The President and his cabinet believe they can hold the jobless to about 3500000 and then get most of them back to work Typical is a recent speech by Secretary of Health Education and Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby On Jan 23 she reported "When we think of the future in terms of certain of our importan (national of let us say a pro duction the prospect is bright has been estimated that: We need some forty billion dollars for schools and hospitals We heed some sixty billion dollars for highways We need some hundred billion dollars worth of Earlier in the speech she had said "In America in 1948 for example our production of goods and serv ices as over 246 billion dollars It has been esti mated that by six years from we will be producing 416 billions annually And this is a moder ate Mrs optimism is shared by many cautious industrialists who envision new horizons for industry from such innovations as for buildings (enabling skyscrapers to be walled up in a few weeks) and the use of waste heat from atomic reactors to heat residences These science fiction dreams actually in use right now Typical of the industrialists who think 1954 will be a terrific year is General Electric's vice president Dr Baker general manager of the Electronics Division in Syracuse The other day he predicted that there will be 550 television stations operating by an increase of 200 broadcasting centers To catch their shows Dr Baker forecast the sale of 5200000 regular TV sets and 100000 color receivers as well as a continued de mand for with an industry production of some 7600000 sets Because of the nature of our new military weapons the GE executive also saw high level of military electronics In terins of sales all this added up to the distribu tion of 5200000 regular TV units wth a retail value in excess of $1400000000 In addition he anticipates a $10000000 sale of color receivers The retail sales of radios will reach $23000000 The electronics industry according to Dr Baker will sell about $60000000 worth of two way radios in addition to microwave and carrier current apparatus Topping all this will be the sale of some $700000000 worth of electronic tubes in '54 I pick the electronics field and the words of this ex pert because the radio TV industry flourishes only in a luxury prosperity era Similar estimates could be reported in other which could not be prosperous in any recession Peo ple buy this stuff if worried or if their bank balances are low or if shifts are being widely clLn Wavier lay offs of personnel are expected pie point is that in the next few weeks in testimony mvxvc ulc uuini congressional Committee on the Eco nomic Report the country will be a picture of high prosperity coupled with serious parallel of eventually having to put some 3500000 jobless back to work However President Eisenhower believes the coun try can do it I' So They Say ovbelllgerfrnt going to refrain from at tacking us (U s) because of friendly feelings The only reason they'll lay off is because they fear our power Cabot Lodge UN delegate am 1 E1" Somerset Maugham do'nnt1iiv0AJ3rlieve the 140 Americans who ODDOSed are n0W Or are likely to becomo opposed to direct aid to President Walter Reuther baIicaUhlaS ruJfrs) may dimly perceiving a of there are Hmits t0 of any rulers indefinitely to supress the human spirit of State Dulles.

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