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The Zanesville Signal A DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER ORVILLE LITTICK President and General Manager 1941 1953 CLAY LITTICK Publisher WILLIAM 0 LITTICK Business Manager CLAIR STEBBINS Editor ALAN GONDER News Editor Established 1864 Entered as second class matter under act of March 3 1879 at Post Office Zanesville 0 Subscription rates: By carrier 30c a week by mall payable in advance Un Ohio) 7 weeks $100 24 weeks $300 1 year $600 Outside Ohio 4 weeks $125 6 months $750 one year $1500 Special Service rates: 6 months $400 one year $750 (transferred anywhere anytime) Trek rom the City or a good part of this century American city dwellers have been moving out of urban centers to the suburbs But most of them have had to make the long trek down town every day to their jobs Recently however increasing numbers have begun to find work closer to their suburban homes actories of course have been seeking the open country for a Jong time But in the last few years many major business firms have been shifting their principal administra tive offices out to the green fringe Some studies of New York city the most harassed assemblage of masonry and human ity in the world reveal this trend quite mark edly One of the big suburbs White Plains took a census which showed that since 1946 the number of its people wilh jobs in New York has dropped 18 per cent The number of jobs in the White Plains area rose more than 9000 in that period A year ago a large food firm moved its headquarters there adding 1300 jobs An other similar move out of the big city gave White Plains 1000 more These are but sam pies Modern airy comfortable office struc tures can be found dotting the suburban landscape on all sides of the city or the harassed commuter crowding in to bus or train or piling into his car to join a traffic jam every day this trend must seem a hopeful prospect He can be forgiven if he listens to the beckoning voice of the suburb anchamber of commerce when it chants: "Save yourself mental and physical strain caused by nerve wracking last minute dashes to catch a train or bus When you work In this area you sleep later in the morning return home earlier in the evening feel better find contentment in your There can lie little doubt that the lure Is not deceptive There Is something undeni ably attractive abput escaping the tyranny of the commuting schedule eating instead of gulping breakfast finding that trees and work are not Incompatible The exodus of people and business to the country 4s making serious problems for the city naturally Probably nothing city lead ers can do will halt the movement since bas ically it seems a sensible response to the in tolerable congestion of our cities But we cannot take the resulting plight with light abandon The urban center has many advantages or it would never have lasted as long as it has It allows close business social and cultural contacts more spacious than it now is freed of choking congestion it surely will go on playing a vital role in our national life Not even the threat of nuclear war is likely to bring complete dispersal Nevertheless most Americans probably would fed the trend toward reducing the tangled mass of humanity in our city centers is a healthy one They must feel so for they are making the trend So They Say I'm still not convinced that the bomb has out dated the old fashioned sling shot Roy Rogers Throw away an orange? I like oranges Harold Johnson when asked why he discard an orange which was allegedly doped In the field of long range planes the Soviets are lag ging behind the West and specifically behind the United States On Broadway "Seventh arrived with Gloria De Haven Site's been a pro since she was 5 The show has over 130 angels John van Dru ten's new play hns an unusual name: "The Chequered The lawsuit against last hitune was settled for $4000 La Rosa in a mag piece ex presses gratitude to A for mak ing him famous and rich The film title "Sir Walter (scliolars may be fascinated to learn) Is now "Raleigh and the Virgin Every time I think of Martin (ABC) fluff (the other program) I break up He meant to say: "She fell flat on her (It has to be Included In the next Blooper Album) Ever hear of anything so silly and ironic as the Qty adders okaying the return of Burlesk no strip Polly Bergen stripped In the late show Gwen Verdon unfrocks In and Jane Kean sheds In Those Critics! movie sentinel scorned a film as "amateurishly photographed badly edited and stuffed with propaganda" To which he "It is well worth "Ankles did $4760 Tueseve In the whew mldity in its 6th click week (The critics gave it only one Wake) The shrill squeaks from some criticized reviewers demonstrate how sensitive they are too to criticism (Better Pitchers than Catchers) Some are on the defensive several desperately "explain" others frantically strive to show they are actually kind cobras One confrere argued that that the public generally agrees with critics heading the piece "Public Versus Critics" Which Is more accurate He quoted a source that would have you believe "Can collected unanimous raves The fact: One critic (Chapman) hugged it Remind me to tell you (ha) about (ha heheh) Martin Block's flufffff You gotta salute Joan Crawford for marrying so quietly Unusual to see a Hollywood Star who wants to make a Big Thing of the Marriage Instead of the Wedding Earl Hall has been tapped for the new revuslcal "Almost Oscar Levant plays a psycho patient In the upcoming film "Cobweb" Vaughn Monroe (at the Sheraton Astor) is a hot weather must Morton Goulds album (of the Rodgers Hammerstein scores from and sounds like music Quote of the Week (from Purdom): "Lana Turner was Impos sible I nearly screamed when we were doing the love scenes Just at the most tender moments she would hiss: mussing my or forcing my neck or mussing my dress How we ever got through that huggin and kissing without bloodshed I just can't (The poor feller) Study in As Sid Caesar clicked he moved from the Bronx to Park Avenue He opened an office on 57th then bought the and now a Long Island waterfront estate Bop Lingo is like this: $5 bill Is Blood is wine the Crib is a house Grease is to eat Nod is to sleep and is to Wait Bob Dunlop reports that "Playmates" is an oldie written by Saxie Dowell and re arranged and again popularized by the ontaine Sisters (Don't Get So Excited!) I Like This Too: Jim Henaghan (a writer) introduced Monroe to the agent who signed her for films A month later Jim wanted to interview her and phoned him for her new address was the reply not allowed to give that or Tonight" had an unusual exnerlence with a ladv ticket buyer She bought a pair for the closing performance and then read she could see it free on teevee a week later So she asked for her monev back and got the Old Ignore Dancess Store: The ootogenic Marge and Gower Chamnton borrow ed $30 to help launch their career "Camear gives tee viewers credit for Intelligence History les sons that are dramatic as well enitrbtontng Novelist William confession: was born to be a tramp I was happiest when I had By Waller Winchell (Oh sure) Glsele platter of "Hard To is Easy To Take Picayune Dept: A critic grumbled they are using stirrups in "The film 600 years before they were invented Bway Confucius: ailure can only make a flop of you but success can make a fool of you Bold mag discloses why newspapers are called ga zettes Because the first papers (printed in Venice in 1566) were sold for a small coin called a gazetta After winning a million dollar divorce settlement Mrs Ty Tower generously proclaimed: "I take a very detached view of earthly material (And then the shovel broke!) Torch comfort from Ambrose Bierce are not permitted to kill a woman who has Injured you but nothing forbids you to reflect that she is growing older every minute You are avenged 1440 times a Kerr in the Trib: whether to save him by the simple expedient of betraying that misanthropic scape grace to whom she has been Mrs means her husbeen Is a miserable bum Historical Sketches By Norrig Schneider Construction of a building later known as the Pal ace Garden was announced in the Courier on Nov 29 1905: "The Elite Roller Rink company has leased from rank Stevens for a period of five years the site of the old Goddard homestead South Sixth street Plans have ben prepared and it is under stood a contract arranged with William Handschy for the immediate erection of a building covering the entire lot 132x132 feet The structure is to be of wood and equal to two stores in height with a base ment and is to cost about $7000 The floor will be of the best construction 'timbers on and this alone will figure $2500 "Around the walls will extend a balcony attached to the roof timbers for the use of spectators A first class restaurant is planned for the basem*nt and this modem requisite of a skating rink is to be in charge of a competent caterer "The capital stock of the company is $20000 of which one half is alloted to Zanesville investors During a canvass ot four hours tins morning $450Q of this amount was subscribed but the Courier is not at liberty to give tire names of the subscribers oreign capital will take the one half of the capital stock The company expects to open the rink Jan uary 1 and Mr Handschy will put a large force of men to work immediately" UNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "You and your oversized ventilator iSBK ir 'I I i I an I s' dr v'fiBa ms fa" "Hey Plain Handshake Is Enough" The xa It A 1 2 22 it Mir tw Merry Go Round By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON Dennis Chavez looked old and tired He was near inS the end of a long debate on labor standards for the new highway bill As senator from New Mexico he had fought for fair la stondards all his career and as chairman the Senate public Hr works committee he had battled to 'nser fair labor Bacon Davis act ProviSIon into the highway bill It provided that contractors could not come into an area and cut wages below those prevailing in that area inally Chavez came over to Senator Neuberger of Oregon "ihiate to do this" he said have to take the fair labor section out With it in never get the road bill All morning beginning at the unusual hour of the Senate convenes at 12 the senators had been debating a provision that highlighted thebasic cleavage in the Democratic party All morn ing 77 ycar old Senator George of Georgia had been presiding over the Senate Uusually he presides for a few minutes then retires But this morning an opponent of the fair labor clause he stayed in the chair There might be some close rulings to decide urther highlighting the cleavage in the Democrat ic party Sen Lyndon Johnson of Texas leader of the party friendly to labor allotted time to the op ponents of the fair labor clause Senator Knowland of California the Republican leader allotted time to the backers of fair labor Yet the Democratic party has called itself the champion ot the working man No Recorded Vote Significantly also the senators refused to go on record publicly They would only vote by voice Twice Senators Neuberger Douglas of Illinois and McNamara of Michigan asked for a roll call vote This required a show of 15 hands But Sen Albert Gore of Tennessee had whispered to col leagues to oppose a roll call Author of the bill that finally passed he feared that a fair labor clause if left in the bill would defeat it He knew Holland of lorida Senator George and others would vote no So the necessary 15 hands failed to show Alben Barkley former vice president was not afraid to show his hand Senator Lehman of New York raised his So did Matt Neely of West Virginia Magnuson of Washington Morse of Oregon Mansfield of Mon tana Monroney of Oklahoma all Democrats and Kuchel of California Republican Others sat on their hands With no roll call the fair labor clause was voted out Bill Knowland the GOP leader got the biggest kick out of the vote He wore a big grin as Demo crats McNamara and Neuberger battled it out with Democrats Holland of lorida and Byrd of Virginia The Worry Cl inic r'f husband had become a platonic mate He was kind and generous but not romantic She vainly tried various methods to restimulate his courtship ardor Then as a final resort she followed the method outlined below If you wives have been married more than 10 years pay heed ollow example Case 0 345: Helene aged 36 is a vivacious housewife "Dr Crane I am glad you men tioned the value of dieting to regain romantic allure" she began with a smile "Oh I knew that fatness is hard on the heart and predisposes to dia betes and even cancer too those medical fears still make me go on a diet But I had noticed that our marriage was becoming platonic "My husband didn't seem enthusiastic when he kiss ed me It was about as perfunctory as when he kissed our children goodbye when he'd leave on a business trip "So I began to worry that youth with its thrills had already passed me by though I yet 36 "Then I read one of your articles in our New York HERALD TRIBUNE where you bluntly said a woman couldn't expect to feel like a sports roadster with the chassis of a truck "That was brutal for when I critically viewed my figure in the mirror I had to admit I was no longer the slender girl I had been on my wedding day I weighed 159 though my bridal weight was only 122 So I wondered if this maternal figure was what made my husband treat me like that old motherly soul' you had mentioned in your news paper articles "Anyway I decided I had tried everything else without success so I might as well give your diet plan a chance when I sent for your diet book let "And I religiously followed it The first day I did feel quite thirsty with only one glass of total liquids But admit I didn't seem unduly hungry on my 800 calories Remarked Pat McNamara afterward "The victor ies won by Neuberger in Oregon and by me in Michigan gave the Democrats control of the Senate We won on liberal issues But we put in positions of power 'other Democratic senators who will spend their last strength fighting those same The Bacon Davis act provision for prevail ing wage scales now applies to airfield constniction and hospital construction when built with the aid of federal funds Circus Politics Republicans are grumbling that Ringling Barnum Bailey Circus the show on must be in league with the Democrats In one skit the nation's No 1 clown Emmett Kelly showed up with a jumbo luggage tag la beled Washington pinned on his pants He carried golf clubs on one shoulder a shotgun on the other and perched on the shotgun was a White House squirrel ballancing a golf ball As if that enough to delight the Democrats and dismay the Republicans clown Otto Griebllng sauntered around the big top engrossed in a copy of the Democratic Digest Wiped Out by War Congressman John Robsion Jr Kentucky Demo crat was wiped out during World War but he bitter about it He reassured his colleagues on that score the other day during debate on the draft While serving overseas he reported lost my business I lost my home and I lost my he added "before you start feeling sorry for' me may I say that I got a better business a better home and a better Donated Dignity Rev Bernard Braskamp genial chaplain of the house of representatives was telling a capitol news man that his doctor of divinity degree was award ed to him by Hanover college in Indiana "I know that you studied in re marked the newsman "Oh I didn't said the chaplain was an honorary degree that I treasure greatly How ever in all humility I must admit that an honorary degree has a double connotation with the the other meaning besides doctor of di inquired the puzzled newsman "Donated Washington Pipeline Chiang Kai Shek had a bad week irst the Mex lean government freed his political enemy Gen Mow whom Chiang had been trying to extradite back to ormosa to execute Then Ameri can undercoverman John Brody was indicted in New York city for alleged wire tapping Spe cial Philippine Ambassador Carlos Romulo has been invited by Premier Chou En Lal to visit Red China Romulo a great friend of the United States has not decided whether to make the trip By Dr George Crane Stop Platonic Marriage "At the end of the 10 days I had lost HU pounds Then I shifted to your second diet plan where a per son loses about 2 lbs per week and I stayed on it for 3 months "My weight had now dropped to 125 lbs But I noticed a marked change in my husband's ardor when I got under the 130 lb mark used to drop into an easy chair with a copy of the HERALD TRIBUNE as soon as he would reach home he'd call our 'Hello Honey' but the easy chair and newspaper outbid my charms for he sel dom walked out to the kitchen to kiss me when I approached the 130 mark he began to come to the kitchen and give me a real type of kiss even before he picked up the news paper "And then he began to hang around the kitchen while I was preparing dinner He might read his paper there but at least he stayed closed to me of his own accord he now began to suggest that we take in a movie at our neighborhood theater our children noticed the change not just in my waist line but in their Daddy They have com mented that we are like sweethearts "So I am sure my former fat maternal figure must have been at fault By regaining my youthful figure I apparently must be re stimulating those youthful memories of my husband you say? I also feel so much better physically for a shopping trip used to almost kill me but now I still have a lot of pep after reaching Helene is quite right about the romantic effect of a slender figuce so send for that booklet "How to Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days" enclosing a stamped re turn envelope plus a dime Many husbands past 35 or 40 can also benefit by shedding their surplus poundage so go on a mutual dieting experiment (Always write to Dr Crane In care ot this newspaper enclosing a long 3c stamped addressed envelope and a dime to cover and printing costa when yon send tor one ui his psychological charts) Listening Post KEN GOOK1N8 Signal sports editor who hag two discovered yesterday that little have a different sense of values than do little girls espec ially when it comes to eating Danny Smith five year old nephew was a guest for the afternoon at the Gookins residence and knowing that thermal fry have fickle appetites at times Ken decided ask Danny what he likfd to eat just to make sure the youngster would eat a good lunch Danny replied matter of factiy "I like corn on the cob and corn off the cob and I like watermelons And do you know why I like water melons? I like watermelon because I like to spit the seeds out And I like them orange things They aren't oranges but they are orange inside I don't know what you can them but they are something like watermelon" Unable to figure out what he had in mind Gookins questioned him further Danny thought hard to come up with the name of the things that "aren't oranges but are orange in After a little while the eyes brightened and he said with an air of achievement: know now what they are They are those round things that grow like watermelons you know 'an So there it was: Danny liked com on the cob com off the cob watermelon with lots of seeds and cantaloupes without the DANNY the son of Mr and Mrs Robin Smith also has a duck which stands about six inches high at full stretch He won the duck by tossing coins into a dish at a carnival The duck follows Danny everywhere like a puppy and the site brings a smile to all who spot the twosome toddling along West Main Street near his home Asked if the name was 'TJavy Danny replied in no uncertain terms "Nope his Joey and I like him" AMERICANS at least those residing in this area still like the outdoors During the weekend holiday hundreds were sight ed along the rivers and lakes trying their luck at fishing Many of them take their angling se riously but they were out in huge numbers with picnic baskets Cool wet weather Monday may have limited ihe outings but on Sunday a drive to McConnelsville from Zanesville' down one side of the Muskingum river and back the other revealed that shores were lined except at places posted with Keep Out!" signs WITH SCHOOLS dismissed for the summer mo torists are urged to take it easy Youngsters will be out of doors all day long weather permitting instead of spending most of their daylight hours in classrooms Inside Labor By Victor Riesel VIENNA Strangely enough It took a reunion in Vienna of world labor leaders to produce evidence proving that rance is the weak est link in the chain of anti Com munist nations across the world Through the Communist bloc in the rench parliament leak our vital military secrets Through the rench electrical and construction unions leak the supposedly heavily guarded de tails of our vital bases and the nature ot our atomic stockpiles there The rench Communist Party and rench Commu nist labor is growing more regardless of what reports reach the The rench internal anti Communist and anti Soviet espionage security system was virtually smashed and dismantled by the Mendes rance government has not been put together again Much of this could come out in a trial scheduled for this summer in the rench equivalent of our ederal courts That is if the government doesn't stop it This is the trial of Dides the ace anti Communist undercover police agent who was fired and arrested He is soon to be tried because he had the temerity to expose agents of the Russians in the rench military high command Just watch for this case to hit the courts The judges are now holding pre trial hearings And it is the rench Communists who run the So global labor outfit the World ederation of Trade Unions which goes in for everything from dope running in the Orient to infiltration ofour Pa cific Coast waterfront This Russian world labor outfit has its headquarters here in a big unmarked building at Seilerstatte 3 They exactly roll out the welcome mat for this columnist nor was anyone around to answer questions The big boys were over in Warsaw dis cussing major which will eventually include directives for the Communist unions in the USA as well This Soviet labor unit the WTU is run by a renchman Louis Saillant who lives in a villa here as resplendent as any villa can get in and around unpainted Vienna It is rumoed that his home also has heat these freezing days which is enough to tempt any man in this corner of the continent The WTU building has a staff of 70 top people most of whom are rench Communists Their chief assignement today according to the report of the ourth World Congress of the anti Communist In ternationM Confederation of ree Trade Unions (ICTU) is to push the Operation Good will on the labor front They croon the Soviet lullaby to the anti Communist labor leaders of the and that includes Ameri can labor chiefs as well This is how the world free labor congress report released here the other day described it: "The WTU has been very active in trying to or ganize so called united fronts with free labor and since these endeavors have not been successful it is trying to infiltrate into bona fide trade unions Communist organizations the WTU and its affiliates are very active in the field of organizing resistance against any efforts by demo cratic countries to build up a defense system Only a few weeks ago WTU chief Louis Saillant sent a letter to the ICt rU reflecting important So viet policy The letter urged the anti Communist unions to join with the Communist labor federation in a fight on world industry The communicBtion was ignored by the anti Com munists but this stop the Sovietering labor leaders hy again And what they try in Europe they also try in the The point is that the pro lullaby has been rewritten The new lyrics tell us not to be afraid To show us that they intend to hurt us while we sleep saying they want to work with us on every front And who can say it more charmingly more dis armingly than the rench Communists Ooh la la we had better watch our step I believe that in a 'decade from now there will be a variety of ships in thq (U S) fleet operating with nuclear pdwer Robert Carney chiaf of naVal operations.

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