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Inches to Millimeters Conversion

Inches (in):

Tracing its roots back to the Anglo-Saxon 'ynce,' the inch is an enduring symbol of the Imperial measurement system. From medieval barter to modern-day manufacturing, the inch has been a staple of measurement. Today, one inch is internationally recognized as exactly 25.4 millimeters, establishing a clear standard for global communication and manufacturing precision after the 1959 international yard agreement.

Millimeters (mm):

Nestled within the metric system, the millimeter stands as the go-to unit for fine measurements. Whether it's the thickness of a credit card or the diameter of a pencil, the millimeter helps us quantify the minutiae of the world around us. Symbolically, 'mm' denotes this unit, with one millimeter being a mere 1/1000th of a meter, or about 0.0393700787 inches. This minute measure is pivotal in fields demanding exactitude, from engineering blueprints to medical procedures.

Inches to Millimeters Conversion (in to mm)

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to convert between measurement systems is indispensable. The inch and millimeter coexist, often requiring quick conversions to adapt designs, specifications, or materials from one system to another.

Application in Real Life:

Technical Work: Engineers and builders often switch between systems, depending on project requirements and international collaboration.

Academia: Students across the globe encounter both units in STEM education, fostering a bilingual fluency in measurements.

Everyday Situations: Converting screen sizes or tire dimensions from inches to millimeters is common for consumers comparing products from different countries.

Converting Inches to Millimeters: The Process

To convert inches to millimeters, multiply the number of inches by 25.4.


1 inch = 25.4 millimeters

The Historical Context

The consensus formed in 1959 under the international yard agreement was not just about standardization; it was a cultural bridge, facilitating trade, scientific exchange, and a shared understanding in a post-war world seeking unity and growth.

inches to mm metric conversion table

0.01inches =0.254mm0.1inches =2.54mm1.1inches =27.94mm 2.1inches =53.34mm 3.1inches =78.74mm 4.1inches =104.14mm 5.1inches =129.54mm 6.1inches =154.94mm 7.1inches =180.34mm 8.1inches =205.74mm 9.1inches =231.14mm 10.1inches =256.54mm 11.1inches =281.94mm 12.1inches =307.34mm 13.1inches =332.74mm 14.1inches =358.14mm 15.1inches =383.54mm 16.1inches =408.94mm 17.1inches =434.34mm 18.1inches =459.74mm 19.1inches =485.14mm 21inches =533.4mm31inches =787.4mm41inches =1041.4mm51inches =1295.4mm61inches =1549.4mm71inches =1803.4mm81inches =2057.4mm91inches =2311.4mm101inches =2565.4mm111inches =2819.4mm121inches =3073.4mm131inches =3327.4mm141inches =3581.4mm151inches =3835.4mm161inches =4089.4mm171inches =4343.4mm181inches =4597.4mm191inches =4851.4mm201inches =5105.4mm211inches =5359.4mm221inches =5613.4mm231inches =5867.4mm241inches =6121.4mm251inches =6375.4mm261inches =6629.4mm271inches =6883.4mm281inches =7137.4mm291inches =7391.4mm301inches =7645.4mm311inches =7899.4mm321inches =8153.4mm331inches =8407.4mm341inches =8661.4mm351inches =8915.4mm361inches =9169.4mm371inches =9423.4mm381inches =9677.4mm391inches =9931.4mm401inches =10185.4mm411inches =10439.4mm421inches =10693.4mm431inches =10947.4mm441inches =11201.4mm451inches =11455.4mm461inches =11709.4mm471inches =11963.4mm481inches =12217.4mm491inches =12471.4mm501inches =12725.4mm511inches =12979.4mm521inches =13233.4mm531inches =13487.4mm541inches =13741.4mm551inches =13995.4mm561inches =14249.4mm571inches =14503.4mm581inches =14757.4mm591inches =15011.4mm601inches =15265.4mm611inches =15519.4mm621inches =15773.4mm631inches =16027.4mm641inches =16281.4mm651inches =16535.4mm661inches =16789.4mm671inches =17043.4mm681inches =17297.4mm691inches =17551.4mm701inches =17805.4mm711inches =18059.4mm721inches =18313.4mm731inches =18567.4mm741inches =18821.4mm751inches =19075.4mm761inches =19329.4mm771inches =19583.4mm781inches =19837.4mm791inches =20091.4mm801inches =20345.4mm811inches =20599.4mm821inches =20853.4mm831inches =21107.4mm841inches =21361.4mm851inches =21615.4mm861inches =21869.4mm871inches =22123.4mm881inches =22377.4mm891inches =22631.4mm901inches =22885.4mm911inches =23139.4mm921inches =23393.4mm931inches =23647.4mm941inches =23901.4mm951inches =24155.4mm961inches =24409.4mm971inches =24663.4mm981inches =24917.4mm991inches =25171.4mm
0.02inches =0.508mm0.2inches =5.08mm1.2inches =30.48mm 2.2inches =55.88mm 3.2inches =81.28mm 4.2inches =106.68mm 5.2inches =132.08mm 6.2inches =157.48mm 7.2inches =182.88mm 8.2inches =208.28mm 9.2inches =233.68mm 10.2inches =259.08mm 11.2inches =284.48mm 12.2inches =309.88mm 13.2inches =335.28mm 14.2inches =360.68mm 15.2inches =386.08mm 16.2inches =411.48mm 17.2inches =436.88mm 18.2inches =462.28mm 19.2inches =487.68mm 22inches =558.8mm32inches =812.8mm42inches =1066.8mm52inches =1320.8mm62inches =1574.8mm72inches =1828.8mm82inches =2082.8mm92inches =2336.8mm102inches =2590.8mm112inches =2844.8mm122inches =3098.8mm132inches =3352.8mm142inches =3606.8mm152inches =3860.8mm162inches =4114.8mm172inches =4368.8mm182inches =4622.8mm192inches =4876.8mm202inches =5130.8mm212inches =5384.8mm222inches =5638.8mm232inches =5892.8mm242inches =6146.8mm252inches =6400.8mm262inches =6654.8mm272inches =6908.8mm282inches =7162.8mm292inches =7416.8mm302inches =7670.8mm312inches =7924.8mm322inches =8178.8mm332inches =8432.8mm342inches =8686.8mm352inches =8940.8mm362inches =9194.8mm372inches =9448.8mm382inches =9702.8mm392inches =9956.8mm402inches =10210.8mm412inches =10464.8mm422inches =10718.8mm432inches =10972.8mm442inches =11226.8mm452inches =11480.8mm462inches =11734.8mm472inches =11988.8mm482inches =12242.8mm492inches =12496.8mm502inches =12750.8mm512inches =13004.8mm522inches =13258.8mm532inches =13512.8mm542inches =13766.8mm552inches =14020.8mm562inches =14274.8mm572inches =14528.8mm582inches =14782.8mm592inches =15036.8mm602inches =15290.8mm612inches =15544.8mm622inches =15798.8mm632inches =16052.8mm642inches =16306.8mm652inches =16560.8mm662inches =16814.8mm672inches =17068.8mm682inches =17322.8mm692inches =17576.8mm702inches =17830.8mm712inches =18084.8mm722inches =18338.8mm732inches =18592.8mm742inches =18846.8mm752inches =19100.8mm762inches =19354.8mm772inches =19608.8mm782inches =19862.8mm792inches =20116.8mm802inches =20370.8mm812inches =20624.8mm822inches =20878.8mm832inches =21132.8mm842inches =21386.8mm852inches =21640.8mm862inches =21894.8mm872inches =22148.8mm882inches =22402.8mm892inches =22656.8mm902inches =22910.8mm912inches =23164.8mm922inches =23418.8mm932inches =23672.8mm942inches =23926.8mm952inches =24180.8mm962inches =24434.8mm972inches =24688.8mm982inches =24942.8mm992inches =25196.8mm
0.03inches =0.762mm0.3inches =7.62mm1.3inches =33.02mm 2.3inches =58.42mm 3.3inches =83.82mm 4.3inches =109.22mm 5.3inches =134.62mm 6.3inches =160.02mm 7.3inches =185.42mm 8.3inches =210.82mm 9.3inches =236.22mm 10.3inches =261.62mm 11.3inches =287.02mm 12.3inches =312.42mm 13.3inches =337.82mm 14.3inches =363.22mm 15.3inches =388.62mm 16.3inches =414.02mm 17.3inches =439.42mm 18.3inches =464.82mm 19.3inches =490.22mm 23inches =584.2mm33inches =838.2mm43inches =1092.2mm53inches =1346.2mm63inches =1600.2mm73inches =1854.2mm83inches =2108.2mm93inches =2362.2mm103inches =2616.2mm113inches =2870.2mm123inches =3124.2mm133inches =3378.2mm143inches =3632.2mm153inches =3886.2mm163inches =4140.2mm173inches =4394.2mm183inches =4648.2mm193inches =4902.2mm203inches =5156.2mm213inches =5410.2mm223inches =5664.2mm233inches =5918.2mm243inches =6172.2mm253inches =6426.2mm263inches =6680.2mm273inches =6934.2mm283inches =7188.2mm293inches =7442.2mm303inches =7696.2mm313inches =7950.2mm323inches =8204.2mm333inches =8458.2mm343inches =8712.2mm353inches =8966.2mm363inches =9220.2mm373inches =9474.2mm383inches =9728.2mm393inches =9982.2mm403inches =10236.2mm413inches =10490.2mm423inches =10744.2mm433inches =10998.2mm443inches =11252.2mm453inches =11506.2mm463inches =11760.2mm473inches =12014.2mm483inches =12268.2mm493inches =12522.2mm503inches =12776.2mm513inches =13030.2mm523inches =13284.2mm533inches =13538.2mm543inches =13792.2mm553inches =14046.2mm563inches =14300.2mm573inches =14554.2mm583inches =14808.2mm593inches =15062.2mm603inches =15316.2mm613inches =15570.2mm623inches =15824.2mm633inches =16078.2mm643inches =16332.2mm653inches =16586.2mm663inches =16840.2mm673inches =17094.2mm683inches =17348.2mm693inches =17602.2mm703inches =17856.2mm713inches =18110.2mm723inches =18364.2mm733inches =18618.2mm743inches =18872.2mm753inches =19126.2mm763inches =19380.2mm773inches =19634.2mm783inches =19888.2mm793inches =20142.2mm803inches =20396.2mm813inches =20650.2mm823inches =20904.2mm833inches =21158.2mm843inches =21412.2mm853inches =21666.2mm863inches =21920.2mm873inches =22174.2mm883inches =22428.2mm893inches =22682.2mm903inches =22936.2mm913inches =23190.2mm923inches =23444.2mm933inches =23698.2mm943inches =23952.2mm953inches =24206.2mm963inches =24460.2mm973inches =24714.2mm983inches =24968.2mm993inches =25222.2mm
0.04inches =1.016mm0.4inches =10.16mm1.4inches =35.56mm 2.4inches =60.96mm 3.4inches =86.36mm 4.4inches =111.76mm 5.4inches =137.16mm 6.4inches =162.56mm 7.4inches =187.96mm 8.4inches =213.36mm 9.4inches =238.76mm 10.4inches =264.16mm 11.4inches =289.56mm 12.4inches =314.96mm 13.4inches =340.36mm 14.4inches =365.76mm 15.4inches =391.16mm 16.4inches =416.56mm 17.4inches =441.96mm 18.4inches =467.36mm 19.4inches =492.76mm 24inches =609.6mm34inches =863.6mm44inches =1117.6mm54inches =1371.6mm64inches =1625.6mm74inches =1879.6mm84inches =2133.6mm94inches =2387.6mm104inches =2641.6mm114inches =2895.6mm124inches =3149.6mm134inches =3403.6mm144inches =3657.6mm154inches =3911.6mm164inches =4165.6mm174inches =4419.6mm184inches =4673.6mm194inches =4927.6mm204inches =5181.6mm214inches =5435.6mm224inches =5689.6mm234inches =5943.6mm244inches =6197.6mm254inches =6451.6mm264inches =6705.6mm274inches =6959.6mm284inches =7213.6mm294inches =7467.6mm304inches =7721.6mm314inches =7975.6mm324inches =8229.6mm334inches =8483.6mm344inches =8737.6mm354inches =8991.6mm364inches =9245.6mm374inches =9499.6mm384inches =9753.6mm394inches =10007.6mm404inches =10261.6mm414inches =10515.6mm424inches =10769.6mm434inches =11023.6mm444inches =11277.6mm454inches =11531.6mm464inches =11785.6mm474inches =12039.6mm484inches =12293.6mm494inches =12547.6mm504inches =12801.6mm514inches =13055.6mm524inches =13309.6mm534inches =13563.6mm544inches =13817.6mm554inches =14071.6mm564inches =14325.6mm574inches =14579.6mm584inches =14833.6mm594inches =15087.6mm604inches =15341.6mm614inches =15595.6mm624inches =15849.6mm634inches =16103.6mm644inches =16357.6mm654inches =16611.6mm664inches =16865.6mm674inches =17119.6mm684inches =17373.6mm694inches =17627.6mm704inches =17881.6mm714inches =18135.6mm724inches =18389.6mm734inches =18643.6mm744inches =18897.6mm754inches =19151.6mm764inches =19405.6mm774inches =19659.6mm784inches =19913.6mm794inches =20167.6mm804inches =20421.6mm814inches =20675.6mm824inches =20929.6mm834inches =21183.6mm844inches =21437.6mm854inches =21691.6mm864inches =21945.6mm874inches =22199.6mm884inches =22453.6mm894inches =22707.6mm904inches =22961.6mm914inches =23215.6mm924inches =23469.6mm934inches =23723.6mm944inches =23977.6mm954inches =24231.6mm964inches =24485.6mm974inches =24739.6mm984inches =24993.6mm994inches =25247.6mm
0.05inches =1.27mm0.5inches =12.7mm1.5inches =38.1mm 2.5inches =63.5mm 3.5inches =88.9mm 4.5inches =114.3mm 5.5inches =139.7mm 6.5inches =165.1mm 7.5inches =190.5mm 8.5inches =215.9mm 9.5inches =241.3mm 10.5inches =266.7mm 11.5inches =292.1mm 12.5inches =317.5mm 13.5inches =342.9mm 14.5inches =368.3mm 15.5inches =393.7mm 16.5inches =419.1mm 17.5inches =444.5mm 18.5inches =469.9mm 19.5inches =495.3mm 25inches =635mm35inches =889mm45inches =1143mm55inches =1397mm65inches =1651mm75inches =1905mm85inches =2159mm95inches =2413mm105inches =2667mm115inches =2921mm125inches =3175mm135inches =3429mm145inches =3683mm155inches =3937mm165inches =4191mm175inches =4445mm185inches =4699mm195inches =4953mm205inches =5207mm215inches =5461mm225inches =5715mm235inches =5969mm245inches =6223mm255inches =6477mm265inches =6731mm275inches =6985mm285inches =7239mm295inches =7493mm305inches =7747mm315inches =8001mm325inches =8255mm335inches =8509mm345inches =8763mm355inches =9017mm365inches =9271mm375inches =9525mm385inches =9779mm395inches =10033mm405inches =10287mm415inches =10541mm425inches =10795mm435inches =11049mm445inches =11303mm455inches =11557mm465inches =11811mm475inches =12065mm485inches =12319mm495inches =12573mm505inches =12827mm515inches =13081mm525inches =13335mm535inches =13589mm545inches =13843mm555inches =14097mm565inches =14351mm575inches =14605mm585inches =14859mm595inches =15113mm605inches =15367mm615inches =15621mm625inches =15875mm635inches =16129mm645inches =16383mm655inches =16637mm665inches =16891mm675inches =17145mm685inches =17399mm695inches =17653mm705inches =17907mm715inches =18161mm725inches =18415mm735inches =18669mm745inches =18923mm755inches =19177mm765inches =19431mm775inches =19685mm785inches =19939mm795inches =20193mm805inches =20447mm815inches =20701mm825inches =20955mm835inches =21209mm845inches =21463mm855inches =21717mm865inches =21971mm875inches =22225mm885inches =22479mm895inches =22733mm905inches =22987mm915inches =23241mm925inches =23495mm935inches =23749mm945inches =24003mm955inches =24257mm965inches =24511mm975inches =24765mm985inches =25019mm995inches =25273mm
0.06inches =1.524mm0.6inches =15.24mm1.6inches =40.64mm 2.6inches =66.04mm 3.6inches =91.44mm 4.6inches =116.84mm 5.6inches =142.24mm 6.6inches =167.64mm 7.6inches =193.04mm 8.6inches =218.44mm 9.6inches =243.84mm 10.6inches =269.24mm 11.6inches =294.64mm 12.6inches =320.04mm 13.6inches =345.44mm 14.6inches =370.84mm 15.6inches =396.24mm 16.6inches =421.64mm 17.6inches =447.04mm 18.6inches =472.44mm 19.6inches =497.84mm 26inches =660.4mm36inches =914.4mm46inches =1168.4mm56inches =1422.4mm66inches =1676.4mm76inches =1930.4mm86inches =2184.4mm96inches =2438.4mm106inches =2692.4mm116inches =2946.4mm126inches =3200.4mm136inches =3454.4mm146inches =3708.4mm156inches =3962.4mm166inches =4216.4mm176inches =4470.4mm186inches =4724.4mm196inches =4978.4mm206inches =5232.4mm216inches =5486.4mm226inches =5740.4mm236inches =5994.4mm246inches =6248.4mm256inches =6502.4mm266inches =6756.4mm276inches =7010.4mm286inches =7264.4mm296inches =7518.4mm306inches =7772.4mm316inches =8026.4mm326inches =8280.4mm336inches =8534.4mm346inches =8788.4mm356inches =9042.4mm366inches =9296.4mm376inches =9550.4mm386inches =9804.4mm396inches =10058.4mm406inches =10312.4mm416inches =10566.4mm426inches =10820.4mm436inches =11074.4mm446inches =11328.4mm456inches =11582.4mm466inches =11836.4mm476inches =12090.4mm486inches =12344.4mm496inches =12598.4mm506inches =12852.4mm516inches =13106.4mm526inches =13360.4mm536inches =13614.4mm546inches =13868.4mm556inches =14122.4mm566inches =14376.4mm576inches =14630.4mm586inches =14884.4mm596inches =15138.4mm606inches =15392.4mm616inches =15646.4mm626inches =15900.4mm636inches =16154.4mm646inches =16408.4mm656inches =16662.4mm666inches =16916.4mm676inches =17170.4mm686inches =17424.4mm696inches =17678.4mm706inches =17932.4mm716inches =18186.4mm726inches =18440.4mm736inches =18694.4mm746inches =18948.4mm756inches =19202.4mm766inches =19456.4mm776inches =19710.4mm786inches =19964.4mm796inches =20218.4mm806inches =20472.4mm816inches =20726.4mm826inches =20980.4mm836inches =21234.4mm846inches =21488.4mm856inches =21742.4mm866inches =21996.4mm876inches =22250.4mm886inches =22504.4mm896inches =22758.4mm906inches =23012.4mm916inches =23266.4mm926inches =23520.4mm936inches =23774.4mm946inches =24028.4mm956inches =24282.4mm966inches =24536.4mm976inches =24790.4mm986inches =25044.4mm996inches =25298.4mm
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How to Convert Inch to Millimeters?

For converting inches to millimeters we will go with an example.

Convert 12 inches to mm?
We know that 1 in = 25.4 mm; 1 mm = 0.0393700787 in.
12 inches = ___ mm.
12x25.4 = 304.8 mm (We know 1 in = 25.4 mm)

12 inches = 304.8 mm

Frequently asked questions

Can you convert inches to mm?

Answer: Yes, inches can be converted to millimeters. The conversion factor is that 1 inch equals 25.4 millimeters. So, to convert inches to millimeters, you multiply the number of inches by 25.4.

What size is 1 inch in MM?

Answer: 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters.

How many mm is 1/4 inch?

Answer: 1/4 inch is equal to 6.35 millimeters (25.4 mm divided by 4).

What is 2.5 mm equal to in inches?

Answer: 2.5 millimeters is equal to 0.0984 inches (2.5 mm divided by 25.4 mm per inch).

How many mm is 1/2 inch?

Answer: 1/2 inch is equal to 12.7 millimeters (half of 25.4).

Is 10 mm 1 inch?

Answer: No, 10 millimeters is not 1 inch. 10 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.3937 inches.

Is 5mm 1 inch?

Answer: No, 5 millimeters is not 1 inch. 5 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.1969 inches.

How big is 8 millimeters?

Answer: 8 millimeters is equal to 0.315 inch, a little less than one-third of an inch.

Is 2 mm 1 inch?

Answer: No, 2 millimeters is not 1 inch. 2 millimeters is equal to 0.0787 inches.

Is 4 inches 100 mm?

Answer: 4 inches is actually 101.6 millimeters, as 1 inch equals 25.4 millimeters.

What size is 12mm?

Answer: 12 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.4724 inches.

How big is 7mm?

Answer: 7 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.2756 inches.

Is 1 inch 25 mm?

Answer: While often approximated as 25 mm for convenience, 1 inch is precisely 25.4 millimeters.

Is 12 mm the same as 1 inch?

Answer: No, 12 millimeters is not the same as 1 inch. 12 millimeters is less than half an inch (approximately 0.472 inches).

What size is equal to 1 inch?

Answer: In the metric system, the measurement that is closest to 1 inch is 25.4 millimeters.

Is 15 mm 1 inch?

Answer: No, 15 millimeters is not 1 inch. 15 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.5906 inches.

Inches to mm | Inch to Millimeters Converter (2024)


What is 1 inch in mm exactly? ›

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters. 100 centimeters = 1 meter.

How many mm is 1 ⁄ 4 inch? ›

6.35 mm

How many mm is 1 ⁄ 2 inch? ›

Inches to millimeters conversion table
Inches (")Millimeters (mm)
1/2 ″12.7 mm
1 ″25.4 mm
2 ″50.8 mm
3 ″76.2 mm
23 more rows

Is 32 mm equal to 1 inch? ›

Example #3: If an item measures 32mm tall... so 32mm is about 1-1/4" tall.

Is 20 mm the same as 1 inch? ›

Answer: 20 millimeters is equal to approximately 0.7874 inches. Here's how the calculation is done: Given Measurement: 20 mm. Conversion Factor: 1 inch = 25.4 mm.

What is 3/8th of an inch in mm? ›

9.53 mm

How big is 16 mm? ›

16mm = 5/8 inch.

How many mm is 1/10 of an inch? ›

Convert Inches to millimeters (mm)
1/10"0.1"2.54 mm
3/10"0.3"7.62 mm
5/10"0.5"12.7 mm
76 more rows

How many mm is 1 ⁄ 8 inch? ›

That's the formula that our calculator uses to find that 1/8 inch to millimeters is 3.175 mm.

What size is 3 mm? ›

3/32 Inch

What is 1mm as an inch? ›

1 MM = 0.0393701 Inches.

What is 3/16 to mm? ›

To convert 3/16 inch to mm, divide 3 by 16 to convert the fraction to a decimal. Then, multiply that by 25.4 since there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch. That's the formula that our calculator uses to find that 3/16 inch to millimeters is 4.7625 mm.

Does 12 mm equal half an inch? ›

The truth is 1/2" is equal to 12.7mm. Most manufacturers make either 12mm or 13mm. Some do actually make the true 12.7mm, but this has even caused more issues when you switch websites. Our conversion for 1/2" is 13mm = 1/2".

What is 3/4 of an inch in millimeters? ›

To convert 3/4 inch to mm, divide 3 by 4 to convert the fraction to a decimal. Then, multiply that by 25.4 since there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch. That's the formula that our calculator uses to find that 3/4 inch to millimeters is 19.05 mm.

How big is 1 mm actual size? ›

Since an inch is officially defined as exactly 25.4 millimetres, a millimetre is equal to exactly 5⁄127 (≈ 0.03937) of an inch.

How many mm is 1⁄8 inch? ›

That's the formula that our calculator uses to find that 1/8 inch to millimeters is 3.175 mm.

Is 1 inch the same as 25mm? ›

Millimeter (mm) is a unit of length. One millimeter is equal to 1/1000 of a meter (m). One millimeter is equal to 1/10 of a centimeter (cm). One millimeter is eqaul to 1/25.4 of an inch (in).

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