Top 10 Questions About County's New Automated Garbage Service (2024)

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Hillsborough County will begin delivering the new roll carts for garbage in August.

Top 10 Questions About County's New Automated Garbage Service (2)

D'Ann White, Patch StaffTop 10 Questions About County's New Automated Garbage Service (3)

Top 10 Questions About County's New Automated Garbage Service (4)

If your garbage cans are looking a little worse for wear, there's good news.

In September, Hillsborough County solid wastecustomers will get an improved residential garbage and recycling collection service that includes sturdy roll carts to transport your trash to the curb.

StartingAug. 1, gray roll carts for garbage and blue roll carts for recycling will be delivered to more than 260,000 homes.

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The carts will include instructions, collection days and service provider information.

When the new service starts, the carts will be emptied by automated collection, a process that uses a mechanical arm on the collection vehicle instead of workers lifting cans and bins by hand.

Find out what's happening in Bloomingdale-Riverviewwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

According to the county, an automated system keeps neighborhoods cleaner and neater on collection days, increases recycling rates and is safer for service providers.

Though collection days and service providers may change, the improved service will still include two garbage pickups every week, one recycling collection every week and one yard waste collection every week. Yard waste will still be collected manually in containers and cans provided by residents, or in bags and bundles.

Public Utilities Department staff are available to make presentations about the new collection service to homeowners associations, civic groups and service clubs.

1.When will the new service start?

For the majority of residents, the new collection service is scheduled to start the week of Sept. 30. Instruction packets will be delivered with the carts that will include the date your new service will start, collection days and directions for properly setting out the containers.

2.Who will be affected by these new collection service changes?

Residents who receive solid waste collection service through Hillsborough County. These residents are primarily in unincorporated Hillsborough County.

3.What size roll carts will be provided?

A gray 95-gallon roll cart will be provided for garbage and a blue 65-gallon roll cart for recyclables.The dimensions of the roll carts are:

95-gallon roll cart: 46.1 inches high by 27.7 inches wide by 31.6 inches deep
65-gallon roll cart: 40.6 inches high by 26.7 inches wide by 28.1 inches deep

By comparison, the typical 32-gallon container which most people use for manual collection is 33 inches high by 26.5 inches wide by 26.5 inches deep.

4.How and when will the roll carts be distributed?

The county will be responsible for the initial purchase and distribution of all roll carts to solid waste customers. The carts will be distributed beginning in August. Residents should store the carts until the day their automated collection begins.

5.How do I dispose of garbage that will not fit in my 95-gallon roll cart?

Bulky items that do not fit in your cart can be disposed of at any of the county’s four Community Collection Centers at no additional charge. Or, you can contact your franchise collector to request a Special Collection Service; there is a fee for this service.

6.Can I use my own garbage cans for automated collection?

No, you must use the county-provided roll carts for garbage and recyclables. Automated collection requires a standardized, heavy-duty container that will work with the trucks' mechanisms. Also, with the overwhelming variety available, it would be impossible to ensure the proper roll carts are being used unless they are supplied by the county.

7.What do I do with my old trash cans and recycling bins?

Customer-provided garbage cans may be used for yard waste or for other uses such as storing broom and rakes in your garage. If you cannot find an alternate use for the garbage cans, the franchise collectors will pick up the cans and recycling bins at curbside at a later date to be announced.

8.What if the cart needs repair?

Contact your franchise collector. The franchise collector will repair or replace a roll cart within three days from the date of request for repair, or on your next garbage collection day.

9.What if my roll cart is stolen, lost or missing?

Contact your franchise collector. A sheriff’s report will be filed, and a replacement roll cart will be delivered by the franchise collector within three days from the date of notification or on your next garbage collection day.

10.If I move, should I take my carts with me?

No. The roll carts should remain at the address they were delivered.

To schedule a presentation, call Kim Byer, manager of the new automated collection program, at813-612-7718or email her

For more information about the improved collection service,, or call the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department at813-272-5680.

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Top 10 Questions About County's New Automated Garbage Service (2024)
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