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The Zanesville Signal A DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER ORVILLE LITTICK President and General Manager 1941 1953 XLAY LITTICK Publisher WILLIAM LITTICK Business Manager 4 CLAIR STEBBINS Managing Editor ALAN GONDER News Editor Established 1864 Entered as second class matter under act of March 3 1879 at Post Office Zanesville 0 Subscription rates: By carrier 30c a week by mail payable in advance (in Ohio) 7 weeks $100 24 weeks $300 1 year $600 Outside Ohio 4 weeks $125 6 months $750 one year $1500 Special Service rate: 6 months $400 one year $750 (transferred anywhere anytime) Washington Would Have Approved tor Those among us who still toot the horn of national selfishness love to cite the words of George Washington in justification advice in his arewell Ad dress to stay free of 'entangling has been widely supposed to mean that he saw the ideal America as a sort of walled off a nation that would walk its way alone guarding its precious gifts by avoiding entanglement in the fights of other nations But the entanglements Washington feared were chiefly those of the moment Me knew that the infant Republic needed time to build sturdy muscles Stronger foreign powers that seemed to offer help might really ex ploit its weaknesses He did not imply by any means that America should not respond to the world around it or should shirk from battling uni versal problems As he wrote in 1795 sure I am if this country is preserved in tranquility twenty years longer it may bid defiance in a just cause to any power whatever such in that time will be its popu lation wealth and Washington saw that was the defense of freedom wherever that right was threatened He and his bril liant colleagues ranklin Jefferson Hamil ton Adams Jay Madison and the others knew that the "more perfect has a timeless calling to answer a calling greater than personal safety Americans today cannot be blamed if their duties as a leader of nations do not make them feel like dancing in the streets Leadership has not been a joy ride it has cost us tremendous wealth and the blood of our sons The thcMJght of forsaking the duties for getting the troubles of others and caring for only our own naturally seems attractive That however we cannot do for the right to freedom is not exclusive Those who have that right are bound by its very nature to protect its existence for others no matter who the others may be And as long as a single man must chew on the bit of tyrants a threat exists to our own liberty History has shown many times that with brave alert and Inspiring leadership the cause of freedom will not lose its way But leader ship is always essential and now that our own great strength has given the task to us we must not fear to assume it George Washington would have been among the first to endorse such a role or above all else he was never afraid to lead Stormy Weather One of the great American sports is lambasting the weather man on grounds of unreliability But al ways been an amateur sport Nobody really wants to tar and feather the poor chap who pores over maps and charts trying to figure out what wind and cloud will do next In Kansas City however a number of business firms which suffered in the 1951 flood got serious about it They wanted to sue the weather bureau for damages resulting from what they felt was in sufficient warning of disaster But a federal judge said the bureau could not be sued He stood up for the harassed guy wjth the maps and charts Tongue lashing the fellow is still an amateur sport though It may be practiced pret ty vigorously on occasion On Broadway By Walter Winchell The 50 newsmen assigned to cover Ike at Palm Spring get 3 miles near him Babette Holmes (pretty yeast heiress) and her ctranged feller will land on the front pages when his case comes up May 2nd Wants back the gifts airlines hostess Evelyn Turner (we said she may wed baseball star Ted Williams) deny it She told the AP "she was at the report surprised the news leaked she means Lindy's newest hatchick Gina Ciena (a 6 footer) was once an Earl Carroll beauty Local are re decorating Zsa Zsa's face on those heel ad posters Pencil in mustache and eye patch Lark Elise Rhodes and Hotelionaire DeWoskins are feeling opf'ly ebrualry The newest stripper calls her self: "Marilyn the calendar The White House phone ops smell that good be cause a visitor brought scads of Sortilege Pietro Mele (the cop fighter) threatens to bop reporters (What a comedown) Add lovely lookers: TWA hostesses Barbara Sweeney and Barbara Aquire Both have part time jobs Sweeney's also a Chicago schoolmamr The 5 year old son of the Sidney Blackmers (badly hurt In a crash last Summer) is walking again The Bing Crosby June Haver rendezvous are good pal routines red MacMurray is head man The day he died John Murray publishers okayed the title for the book about him: "Out Without His They say speech helper Jackson will soon return to the mags "Russia in is a must read Kay Medford of and teevy actor Sid Gordon will blend The report that Darryl Zanuck phoned Marilyn at Tokyo (three times) and that she said never return never happened He she didn't say it The ranchot Tone hit "Oh Men! Oh is an hilarious caricature of nearly all of us especially people who think they are sooo propahh ine thing dept: One of the violinists at Town Hall startled his audience by stopping (during a solo) to blow his nose (I think it was flat) The at the Ziegfeld (about peculiar men) is crowded every performance by the fruitern ity who applaud with their wrists Geraldine parents are witholding approval of the suitor a concert violinist We howled at the Sig Caesar Imogene Coca show Too bad the team is divorcing Howard intimates report he is smiling (even humming) for the first time in months One broker observed: "There are many good businesses he could buy for the 23 million he is offering to RKO ran Warren and her estranged husband are dating again Jean Gilbert the New York modelulu is almost midnightly A leading American femme blues thrush was poured on stage nearly ever per formance abroad (Tired of success lady?) Add Major's Cabin duets: Tvenus Mary Sinclair and Kathleen (orever Amber) Winsor's former groom The cops nailed the mysterious molester of women in a 42nd Street movie house The Man ager Guests at a recent dinner in Pittsburgh are still muttering about Kenny blunder before a group of sports celebs including Joe Louis Jackie Robinson and Sam Jethroe Told a gag All the Whites apologized later They a stage struck dept: The doorman of the Lyceum the ater says he has seen only one show in 23 years and recall its name Critical Digest will start a new feature about up and coming talent Robert McCormick's article in Sports Afield mag is a must for lorida fishermen Gilbert Roland's fancy crooning in "The rench is ackchelly the voice of Bob Monet who gets no billing Mindy bit (for her 15 week tour) will be exactly $6348613 (after taxes) DiMaggio's ex wife Dorothy Arnold (preparing a night club act) says she will not use his name in theds Susan Zanuck the daughter of the Holly wood giant is in Manhattan Her room mates are Mona Knox and Joan Tyler all 3 trying for TV Sonny Till (lead singer of the Orioles) was arrested for carrying a gat and a creditor attached his caddy Sunny Gale just inherited (from an Uncle) something always wanted One of the Thou sand Islands a masoch*st loose over at Capitol Records Some of Les Bexter's titles are and John Sorrentl (who got pinched for slugging his girl friend Tina Louise of sent her 3 magnums of wine and four dozen red roses (meaning love) on eve The cast wishes the to say for them all: "Thanks ever Latin Quarter shape Ruby Richards (known in Paree as "The Black has Italian Prince Mario Ruspoli flipping Just sent her a diamond bracelet and transatlantalks thrice weekly (poor fella) Marta Nita now dancing at Chateau Madrid and Anthony Moran formerly of the State Dept may ally soon Long time romance The Emdees are readying another jolt for the ciggie firms They will say smokin injures the heart which is hardly any skewp Mrs' in fluence in journalism and politics: She got 3 votes of 300 trying to defeat Carmine DeSapio who will move to vote her out of the Demo State Comm Historical Sketches By Norris Schneider Steamboat traffic between Zanesville and Dresden was attempted 50 years ago by the steamer The Couerir described the service on April 21 1904: "The Gold returned to the city from Dresden Wednesday evening A line broke at Symmes creek delaying the draft for some time A snag above the dam broke the wheel causing further delay A capstan will be placed at the dam to assist the packet in making the trip through the chute "People lined the banks as the craft continued her voyage An enthusiastic assemblage greeted the crew at Dresden regular schedule Js already under considera tion As now intended the boat is to leave Dresden about 6 am arriving here about 8:30 am The return trip will be begun shortly after 1 About four hours may be necessary to make the journey against the current The company is as sured of business both freight and unny Business By Hershberger I ggr 'I oy iwtrHUfcwwtiM a jEwgj'glji "Can you beat that? Now probably try to sell us pictures of our home EraS All Our Wealth Isn't at ort Knox gfs a qmiL fe 1 11 1 va A 1Sr's: I Er 1 21 Lffi "I Sewk Merry Go Round By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON Here is a con densation of the inside story of we are doing or not do 1 ing regarding Indochina It is a story of rench suspicion American indecision and result is likely to be loss the richest tin and rubber area world to communism hH A lot of Americans walked be OH cause rubber was scarce in World MBH War and a lot of others col cans and tooth paste tubes because tin was scarce Now the vital area which supplies these essentials is in just as much jeopardy as dur ing the days when Japan occupied Singapore Here are some of the chapters in the story: Syngman Rhee offers to renew President Syngman offer to send one South Korean di vision to fight in Indochina was only 'part of the message which Gen John Hull brought to the White House Most Important part of the message was that Korea wanted to resume the war in or der to divert the Chinese military from the Indo chinese border Rhee proposed to Ike through General Hull that South Korean troops do all the ground fighting if war was resumed What he wanted was help from the air force and 'navy Rhee argued that seven Chinese divisions had been takn out of Ko rea so he could easily crack the new cement and steel Communist dfense line Originally Rhee proposed going direct to the rench with his idea but General Hull persuaded him to wait until Eisenhower himself had a chance to consider it President Eisenhower was not enthusiastic The last thing he wants is to start the Korean war over again It is recognized that the end of the Ko rean war made it possible for the Chinese to di vert tremendous amounts of supplies to Indochina but Ike just want to get mixed up in Ko rea again anyway Mechanics to Indochina one trouble with US policy regarding Indochina is lack of coordination One branch of the government doesn't know what the others are doing Admiral Radford for1 instance slipped in to see President Eisenhower by himself and arranged for the sending of 250 airplane mechanics to help the rench This was a vitally important decision Yet the cabinet know about it the National Securi ty Council didn't know about it and the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are supposed to correlate these things know about it inally Secretary of Defense Wilson who is supposed to run the De fense department know about it It was even a surprise to Gen Nate Twining of the air force who had to supply the 250 airplane mechanics for Indochina Hit and miss policy this free and easy method of making decisions regarding the most vital battle fl I area in the world continued after congress began to raise cain about the 250 mechanics Senator Saltonstall chairman of the senate armed services committee phoned the White House and got Gen Persons on the phone "There ought to be a cut off date for these me chanics in he said explaining he want ed to assure senators that a date was fixed for the return to the United States replied Persons who han dles White House liaison with Capitol Hill date would you he asked Senator Saltonstall said he thought June might be a good cut off date General Persons agreed right then say June he con cluded Thus in a completely casual manner it was decid ed to bring the mechanics home on June 15 The air force was not consulted the cabinet was not consulted the rench were not consulted All Gen eral Persons did was phone the Pentagon and give orders for the mechanics to come home by June 15 rench recalcitrance part of the administra troubles in Indochina however stems from rench suspicion and reluctance The rench are worried sick that too much American cooperation will give the Chinese an excuse to pour troops across the border by the hundreds of thousands as inf Korea So far Communist intervention has been confined chiefly to munitions and supplies That is up until last week the rench refused to let the United States participate in train ing native troops military men have done a terrific job training Greek and latr South Korean troops have repeatedly urged the rench to let us help them in Indochina But the rench repeatedly turned us down Chiang Kai Shek has also offered to send his army to Indochina but again the rench say no Nor do they want South Korean troops for the same reason They fear Red Chinese intervention The rench have not even been willing to permit observers to check American military equip ment at the front where officials suspect a certain amount is sold on the black market or finds its way into the hands of the enemy American trops at meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Radford has gone so far as to suggest sending American troops but Gen Matthew Ridgway Army Chief of Staff has argued that the army have enough troops to spare for Indochina under present budget restrictions Admiral Radford is also plugging for his pet scheme of a naval blockade of the China coast to force the Reds to come to terms The navy has been So hopeful that Radford would be able to sell this idea to the White House that orders have actually been issued holding up the name of the 50 vessel supposed to be moth balled Word has been passed out among the admiral that these will be needed for the blockade The SigndPs Listening Post Inside Labor A BULL may be dumb but he understood the' red flag long before the rest of the world did! Digest Detroit: Edgar Hoover tells us that the command ing the Communist underground is made up of men and women who've had facial surgery and who have changed their hair styles and hab its acquired new vices to replace old ones and have even altered their manner of walking in an ef fort to stay "undetected in their sabotage and espionage cells But Mr Hoover also reveals that not changed are their operational A PHOTO of Mrs Joseph Allen the former Nel lie' Jane Canon of Crooksville appears on the March calendar of the Timken Roller Bearing Co Mrs Allen whose husband incidentally is an at torney is a Powers model and resides with her husband and three month old son Kevin in New York City She is the daughter of Mrs Margaret Cannon of Crooksville and was one of 12 models chosen by the Tjmken company to grace their calendars this year what they have techniques True the BI is constantly intercepting I "infiltration experts trying to worm their way into the I atomic and hydrogen installations But while the I country believes that the Soviet underground is mak I ing the Atomic Energy Commission and our jet and 1 electronic plants their top objectives they actually I are concentrating on a new while we I look another way I The BI chief recently told Congressmen in a well guarded session that the for the I Communist Party now is "particularly the automo I bile Which means the CIO's auto union I as well Our own counter espionage and internal intelligence chief reported that this target was selected at a secret national Communist conference held last August Edgar own words were: regard to the infiltration of labor the Com munists regard labor unions as instruments to be controlled and used to develop the Communist revo I lution national conference held in August (1953) of the Communist Party reaffirmed their time honor ed premise that control of the labor union is of pri mary importance to the development of the Com munist revolution in this country designated particularly the automobile in dustry as being the prime target because it is well known that it is one of the most vital industries to our national defense ft I a ZANESVILLE policemen the only ones who have headaches in dealing with the public Down at Charleston Va a woman called police and said her baby blue Cadillac had been stolen ive minutes later she called back and said: not stolen after all My husband had it and he just drove up Thanks ifteen minutes later she phoned again really stolen this time not outside the house where my husband parked it and in side with a The police sergeant resignedly revived the com plaint and put out a radio signal The car was located several hours later in a down town garage A wrecker service had towed it away by mistake GASP out loud but three weeks from to day is the deadline for paying your income tax which brings up the subject that if you think taxes are tough today take a look at this: resh air and sunlight were taxed in 17th cen tury England The government collected from all households with six or more windows This burden some window tax repealed until 1851 1 And in those days if you wanted to boast of your ancestry it cost you money for there was a tax of two pounds two shillings on family crests and coats of arms Puritans paid a weekly meal tax giving up the price of one meal each week to Oliver Cromwell Until 1879 every man woman and child in rance was subject to the gabelle a tax requiring them 1 to purchase seven pounds of salt a year whether: they needed it or not Peter the Great in his attempts to westernize Rus sia taxed all men who wore beards The tax was enforced by barbers standing at the gates of Mos cow shaving all non payers The Russians also paid taxes on marriages funerals horse collars leather! boots hats beds milk baths kitchen chimneys cucumbers 35' But one of the strangest taxes in history was! levied in the 18th century by the Pasha of After the Pasha had visited and dined with a peas ant family he would demand his a tax to compensate him for the wear and tear on' on his teeth! By Victor Riesel 5 01 The Worry Clinic Alice can't have any more babies but she does have a chance to adopt a little girl Do you read ers approve of her idea or vote against it? Save this Case Record or mail it to parents of foster children for it shows the best possible method for informing such children of their adoption Case 331: Alice aged 29 has a son who is 4 years old Dr she protested miserably doctor tells me I can never bear another baby "However I can adopt a little girl about one year of age so you think it would be fair to my son to do Adopt a Child Yes it would not only be fait) but it would be a wonderful asset to the" boy to have a baby sister or two children stimulate each other They whet one wits And the younger child will cause the parents to "lean" upon the older in many ways which thus build responsibility in the firstborn be sure you look after they will exclaim when the two youngsters go forth to play "Don't let her get out in the street (or into deep water etc)" The oldest child then becomes trained in accept ing responsibility That is one reason why there are such marked personality differences between the firstborn and the next child in the family And never make distinctions betwen adopted chil dren and those which you call flesh and flood off spring or Alice her husband who was not of any blood kinship to her at all And she has felt closer to him than to her own flesh and blood brothers and sisters with whom she grew up as a child By the same token she can a youngster and likewise feel the true mother child regard since Iwi in By Dr George Crane this is a spiritual thing and not based on blood relationship How Inform By comparing the selection of your foster child to your picking its Daddy or Mother on the basis of love you stabilize the youngster Otherwise even if you treat it like a flesh and blood child it may still develop the feeling that it isn't quite entitled to be admitted to the inner sanc tum of the home It will feel that Daddy and Mother and the flesh and blood youngsters have a closer bond But as soon as you point out lhe fact that Daddy and Mother simply each other and are not of any blood kinship whatever this sud denly shows the adopted son or daughter that he is on the same plane with his parents All three ar thus for neither the fos ter child nor his Daddy or Mother is of any flesh and blood kinship to the other two in that family corporation Reassure Children This thought reassure the youngster Oh you can also use the statement that you deliberately "pick your adopted youngster whereas other parents must take just what the doctor delivers That often helps to reassure the foster child but it Isn't half as good as to show that he is in the same boat with Daddy and Mother in that all three have each other The greatest hazard to the proper personality de velopment of children is a feeling of emotional in security So be sure you reassure your youngters that you love them and will stick by them Do this whether they are flesh and blood or adopt ed And if you parents quarrel as all married couples tend to do always apologize so the young sters know your angry words don't reflect your" true self (Always write to Dr Crane In care of this newspaper enclosing a long 3c stamped addressed envelope and a dime to rm er typing and prlnUng costs when you send lor one ot his psychological charts) Having just traveled through the auto belt I can understand whythe Communist apparatus is sending its people into areas like this one In South Bend for example after talking to Studebaker president Vancei I learned that the company has had to cut back from a wartime high of 18000 employes to its traditional famous skilled force of 12000 or slight ly less This leaves some 6000 younger men at Studebaker alone seeking jobs restless and perhaps politically exploitable They were the newcomers who joined the steady home owning skilled working force Throughout this industry sooner or'later they had to in South Bend here in Detroit and in every other area where defense orders have been slashed Mr Vance and other industrialists point out that lhe auto industry is basically healthy In the next decade there must be a turnover purchase of some 60000000 automobiles But the next year will see ad justments and layoffs across the industry I what the Communist underground is under orders to exploit So it is according to the top man that the Com munist Party told 65 percent of its New York mem bers to go out and try and find jobs even now in the basic industries across the land Infractions were issued for the reorganization of the Communist Party in Los Angeles recently for example The se ries of five man cells were told to organize on an in dustrial basis and Party members were directed to shift their jobs find work in the basic industries there Throughout all this special emphasis has been placed on securing jobs in the auto field Thus they could propagandize for violent demon strations of unemployed and still be set to disrupt production in these plants which would "materially affect our national according to Mr Hoo ver Therefore it seems to me that it is good news to report that I have just learned here that the House Un American Activities Committee is coming into Michigan on Mar 29 I learn that subpenas have been handed to some men the Briggs and ord Auto Locals and to some operators in Chevrolet Buick and AC Spark Plug plants Now it will take more than facial surgery and new vices to keep the underground disguised Mn.

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