From players to possible coaching hires: What lies ahead in Texas A&M baseball's future? (2024)

OMAHA, Neb. — As the dust settles on a frenetic Tuesday that saw former Texas A&M head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle switch allegiances to the coach-less Texas squad, attention turns back down Highway 21 to the future of the Aggie baseball program.

With A&M’s run to the College World Series finals, the clock is ticking for new Texas A&M athletic director Trev Alberts to select a successor and for a 2025 roster to take shape.

The baseball transfer portal window closes on July 2. Having a coach in place by that time would give the Aggies a better chance at building a roster that maintains the momentum gained by the previous three seasons.

From players to possible coaching hires: What lies ahead in Texas A&M baseball's future? (1)

That being said, players from a program that loses its head coach have 30 days to put their name into the portal, regardless of the portal window closing.

According to, starting third baseman Gavin Grahovac, outfielder Jace LaViolette, outfielder Caden Sorrell, designated hitter Hayden Schott, infielder Kaeden Kent and shortstop Ali Camarillo all entered their name into the portal on Wednesday.

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Sorrell verified his entry into the portal with The Eagle Wednesday saying, “Keeping all my options open. Love A&M with all my heart. Not too sure what I’m going to do yet.”

Also, left handed pitcher Kaiden Wilson reportedly entered the portal later Wednesday afternoon.

Players have until July 2 to enter their name into the portal, but have more time after to decide where they will eventually land. Players who have entered their name into the portal could ultimately elect to return to A&M, once a new coaching staff is retained and if that staff wants the player.

A&M pitchers Weston Moss, Josh Stewart, Troy Wansing and Shane Sdao all issued votes of confidence for A&M on social media, saying they would remain with the program.

“It’s about the players, not the coaches,” Moss posted on Instagram.

Stewart, who pitched four times in the College World Series, also issued his thoughts on the situation on Instagram.

“An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do. Thank God for Aggie Baseball,” he said.

The junior right hander transferred to Texas A&M from Texas two years prior.

A&M utility fielder Travis Chestnut, who entered the starting lineup midway through the season and made an impact for the Aggies with his speed on the base paths, told The Eagle he was treated poorly by Schlossnagle in his tenure with the Aggies.

“I’m blown away by the disrespect of Schlossnagle,” he said. “Not once in my career was he a respectable man to me. I stuck with him because I wanted to be an Aggie and in the SEC. But quite frankly, I didn’t stick to him. I stuck to [assistant coaches] Mike Earley and Nolan Cain.”

However, the answer everyone around the Aggie baseball team is yearning for regards who the next head coach will be.

The home run hire Alberts could make would be Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin. The coach of nearly four decades has been at Vanderbilt and in the SEC since 2003 and has amassed a 921-443-1 record. He’s reached the College World Series five times and won national titles in 2014 and 2019.

Another attempt at swinging for the fences would be Clemson head coach Erik Bakich. The first decade of his head coaching career, which began in 2010, was spent in the ACC and Big Ten between Maryland and Michigan. He’s resided in South Carolina for the last two seasons. The East Carolina alumnus has a 486-349 record, but has never made it to the College World Series.

However, Bakich told reporters Tuesday that he has “no plans to leave Clemson.” Also, the Tigers picked up a big transfer addition Wednesday in Purdue’s Luke Gaffney, which would not tend to indicate a coach ready to walk.

Texas Tech’s Tim Tadlock’s name was passed around after the departure of Rob Childress from Aggieland three years prior. Having over a decade of experience in Lubbock, Tadlock is dialed in to the talent-rich recruiting fields in Texas. He has a 453-241 record with the Red Raiders and has advanced to four College World Series, the last in 2019.

Others in — and around — the state include Dallas Baptist head coach Dan Heefner, who has taken the Patriots to the NCAA Tournament in every year at the helm, including a super regional berth in 2021. Louisiana’s Matt Deggs has led the Ragin’ Cajuns to three consecutive NCAA Tournaments with a 347-217 in Lafayette. He was an assistant coach in Aggieland under former A&M head coach Rob Childress from 2006 to 2010.

Texas State’s Steven Trout is two seasons removed from a 47-14 record in San Marcos, taking the Bobcats to their first NCAA regional in over a decade. Also, DBU assistant coach Cliff Pennington is a 11-year Major Leaguer, who cut his teeth in coaching as a former student and graduate assistant at A&M.

A few other phone calls Alberts could make are to Oregon’s Mark Wasikowski — who visited Blue Bell Park for the Bryan-College Station Super Regional — Oklahoma’s Skip Johnson, Kentucky’s Nick Mingione, Incarnate Word's Ryan Shotzberger, Florida State’s Link Jarrett or East Carolina’s Cliff Godwin.

“Baseball success is important to everyone associated with Texas A&M, we will not stop in our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to baseball will not waiver,” Alberts said in a statement Tuesday. “We will find a great leader and excellent coach to head up this proud Aggie baseball program.”

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From players to possible coaching hires: What lies ahead in Texas A&M baseball's future? (2024)
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