I was a poet long before I became a novelist, and I still have a poet's heart. The characters in my novels first inhabited my poetry, and I hope they speak poetically to you.

I am also a product of a melting pot, and I believe in that idea.  I believe that this nation is a big pot of stew, like nail soup from the old children's story.  Everyone in this country adds to the flavor, everyone in this country adds to the spice, and everyone in this country inevitably adds to the meal.  My words, then, emanate from a bouillabaisse of places and faces in my life from North Philadelphia to South Jersey, from St. Louis to Pittsburgh, from Long Island to Indiana, and from Ohio to Virginia.  My words are the literal gumbo of my soul.

I hope y'all are hungry.

Everything I write has a multicultural flavor, and I focus on women of color because I find them to be amazing, both inside and out.  I have always been attracted to color and I fully believe what Giovanni croons to Renee in Renee and Jay:

I seen you out walkin',
out struttin' your stuff,
head high, shoulders square--
I can't get enough.

You cut your eyes on me,
You're playin' a game--
sexy soul sister
in the dark ... we're the same.

Since 2001, I have been blessed to be the bestselling BWWM romance writer in the United States, but I couldn't have done it alone.  I am so thankful for readers who have encouraged me, my family for putting up with me, and the Creator for giving us so many colors and for giving me the opportunity to use black ink on white paper in a feeble attempt to make word rainbows for the world.