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"A compulsively readable rags-to-riches love story brimming with memorable characters, magical charm, lively repartee, and delicious passion." Publishers Weekly (A BEST BOOK FOR SUMMER 2015)

"This is a magical story about two people whose online chats quickly evolve into friendship and then steamy flirtation ... This is definitely a sensational read." Romantic Times Book Reviews (4 STARS)

"Murray turns improbable situations that require much suspension of disbelief into an enjoyable and compelling romance about believable love." Booklist

Available in February 2016

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J. J.'s Best-selling
H. M. Mann Title

J. J.'s Scariest
H. M. Mann Title

EVERY DOG was named ...
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"Best Romantic Suspense"

"An endearing journey of heartfelt love." Publishers Weekly

"Life and love intertwining." Ebony

"A Romantic comedy that becomes a story of survival." Romantic Times

"A romantic story that pulls on all the right emotions." USA TODAY

"A heartwarming romance with a delightful mix of humor, angst, yummy food, and diverse characters." Affaire de Coeur  


"A genuinely heartwarming romance starring a broken heroine in need of mending." Publishers Weekly
"Another strong contemporary interracial romance with plenty of humor, realism, and chemistry." Booklist

"There's a charm to the couple that keeps the pages turning." Romantic Times


"A fun, reflective look at interracial relationships." Publishers Weekly
"Murray orchestrates another smart, entertaining interracial romance." Booklist
"Readers will be cheering for all of Murray's characters to find their joy." Romantic Times
"A Good Man earns a place at the top of the to-be-read file." USA TODAY


J. J.'s first novel
Written in 1986

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Available in July 2015
Available in October 2015

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